16 Dec 2017 – workshop long exposure

16 december I joined a workshop long exposure via Kijk en Zie fotoschool. And with the rough weather of that day, this could be promising for some nice photographs..

Taking photo’s with a long exposure is a style of photographing that I don’t have that much experience, only recently with night photography. But not in this way.. It is a very creative style of photography. Long exposures take the motion out of the water, creating quite a dreamy effect, up to a abstract surrealistic way. An exposure of 13 seconds or higher (tripod is of course required) results in flattened water. To remove some sharpness of the water and retain the motion an exposure of 0,5 – 3 seconds (depends on the light conditions and motion) is needed. Despite that I struggled with my ND1000 10-stops gray filter, I do believe I managed to get some very nice results.

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