About me

Welcome to my personal site. My name is Pieter-Jan Nefkens and I live in The Netherlands with my girlfriend and our two daughters. On this site I am writing all sorts of things related to IT technology, primarily focused on networking, how technology and innovation drives change my view on life and what’s happening in the world. This site is completely personal and only reflects my personal opinion.

Getting my personal site up and running is something that was somewhere way down on my todo list as something that I wanted to do (eventually). With the honor to be a Cisco Champion from 2017 this site has become a bit of a priority, so it’s up and I intend to write more frequently on a manner of subjects.

I changed jobs on 1 April 2018 (no joke). I am now working both for the Dutch government as a network consultant as well as my own company Nefkens Advies. Before the job change I briefly worked with Ya Works and before that I was jointly running a family business in IT together with my father, mother and brother. I won’t write down my full bio here, but a brief overview can give you an idea of who I am. For the past year’s I’ve been involved as a (network) architect/consultant for a wide variaty of companies. I always try to understand the business (and processes) before I can solve a problem with technology.

Personally I continually try to find the balance between work (which is also a hobby), private time with my daughters, keeping up with technology, writing code, domotica (Fibaro Z-wave based), sports (running and tennis). In short, a busy life 😉