Cisco Champion 2017

So, last thursday I received an e-mail from Cisco that I was selected as one of the Cisco Champions for 2017. I’m very proud and happy to be part of this program for this year and as far as I’m concerned, more years to come.  At Cisco Live US 2016 Michel van Kessel already asked why I wasn’t a Cisco Champion yet. We talked about it and immediately I was enthusiastic. So while a colleague registered me and I got word from Michel that i was a member of the Spark Group, I was very excited. And even now, after a week, I still feel honored to be a member of this community.

To quote Cisco “Cisco Champions are passionate experts who share their perspectives with the community”. It is a program that has some very nice benefits; for me the discussions and talks I already had in the past week about different topics (such as design with Michael “Zig” Zigsa and why OSPF just isn’t scalable), the CCDE exam that I’m prepping for (thanks Paul and David) are just great to experience. I can’t wait to see some of the champions in Berlin at Cisco Live and am anxious to see what 2017 will bring

Honored and proud to be a Cisco Champion for 2017!


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