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Usage of cookies

Cookies are small textfiles that are stored on your computer for the websites that you visit. Cookies are used intensively to improve the behaviour of the specific site or to collect browser behavior information for that specific site.

This website uses cookies to allow improve the functionality. Also, this site possibly uses the Google Analytics service to monitor visits. As a result, cookies will be placed on your browser to track the behavior on this site. The obtained information is anonymous and is only used by Google Analytics for the service or by the owner of the site. This site does not use cookies for marketing purposes and/or advertisements.

Acceptance of cookies

Most internet browsers are setup to accept cookies of the site that is visited. If you do not want to accept these cookies, you need to configure your browser to do so. Such a change can result in that  sites will not function properly without those cookies.

This site asks your permission once to store cookies on your computer. At subsequent visits (within 6 months) this permission is not asked again. With this permission this site is following the local regulations with regards to cookies.