It’s been a while…

It’s been a long time since I’ve put a blog post up on my site. It’s not that I have not been busy, on the contrary. I have been working on my book (Transforming existing networks to Intent Based Networking), which is going to be published later this year, exciting, DNA Center and several other projects. However, pushing to meet my (own) deadlines for the book has left me somewhat “empty”. After finalizing the first draft of the last chapter, I had great difficulties writing up anything, whether it was a blog post, a low level design, or something else. It’d almost appear that I reached my annual quotum for writing documents. Nonetheless, I am very proud of accomplishing this feat of writing a manuscript. It was truly an advanture which will absolutely get more attention over the coming time when I write down my experiences..

Now, besides having difficulty with writing, I also had the time to (finally) work with Divi on a test-site. One of the Cisco Champion Blogging sessions Divi was mentioned in WebEx teams as a sophisticated editor and theme that can be used to easily create professional posts. Over the past months I’ve put some of my spare time into this and created this new template and theme. It’s not completely finished, but most of it is there. I hope you enjoy the new, clean, look and feel of the blog. 

And now that the new site is up, there should be more time available on writing down my experiences, such as how I responded to a site hack, deploying the Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controller (Cloud version), writing up on API’s and swift, and much more. Keep looking at this site for new updates. I promise I will share more in the coming time..

And oh, CiscoLive US is coming up! Are you going to San Diego and would like to talk networking, Intent Based or not, or just share ideas, give me a shoutout and let’s see if we can meet! Preparations have started!

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