New Challenge

This time I’m writing a more personal blog post.

In Dutch there’s a saying called “Er is een tijd van komen en van gaan”, literally translated to “There’s a time of arriving and a time of leaving”. It is quite often used as an introduction if somebody is leaving an organisation. And for me, this is partially true. Starting April 1st I’m going to start a new challenge and new chapter in my career.

I will start to work for one of the largest network provides in The Netherlands, which is a shared service provider for the National Dutch Government. I will be working within the Infrastructure department, part of the Campus team. I’ll be working as a senior network consulting, doing the same work I did as an external for the past year, working on multi-tenancy, ISE, DNA-Center, Software Defined Access and possibly some other roles in tooling, design and Datacenter. In general a wide and diverse environment where we’re working with the latest technologies. And I will be working on this job for 3 days a week.

What I will be doing the remaining days you’d wonder? Well, I will be working from my own company Nefkens Advies, being an entrepeneur again. From Nefkens Advies I will be able to provide professional consultancy services, training, design, implementation and troubleshooting services to customers, as well as providing customised training, coaching, speaking and writing, as well as being innovative and doing software development for new ideas. And writing? Yes, I am working on a book about intent based networking and campus networks.

In retrospect I’ve had a great time with YaWorks, working with great and awesome colleagues and worked on great projects. And to get back to the Dutch saying? I will be leaving YaWorks as employee, but will be available to work with YaWorks on existing or new exiting projects. And now it’s time for a new challenge and a partial leave of YaWorks…


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